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New Year, New Work

Happy Finish Eating the Almond Roca and Ribbon Candy Before it Goes Stale Time, My Dear Old Friends! I have some exciting news: ignoring this blog has finally paid off! I got an actual short story published in an actual literary journal! It took a couple of decades to get back to that place in […]

Caveat Emptynest

Mother, beware. That day you longed for is finally here: that day when you load up the car with matching sheets and fairy lights and compact refrigerators and the last of your children and then kick it over the side of your warren of twigs and hope that it will fly or something; I don’t […]

The ASS in the HAT

“This will never be fine. This will not be okay,” I said to my spouse On that cold, cold wet day. We sat at the rally. We sat there, we two. And I said, “How I wish this election weren’t true!” Too lame, the recount! And too late to recall! We were stuck with this louse. […]

I’m Just Waiting for the Swelling to Go Down

Yesterday, I looked up from my computer to my window on the driveway and found myself, once again, hurtling out the door to stalk a red-headed man who was walking down my street. I did this with no conscious plan of what I might do if I caught him. I did not think to take […]


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