Finding the Imperfect Dress for Your Mid-Life Wedding


Part Three

From the Desk of the President of Meanopause

Hello, friends!  We hope these warm greetings reach to you in a happy autumnal setting this five and twentieth day of this month!  Also reaching your happy family with the hand outstretched!

In the sadder vein of the moment, we are sorrowful to learn of offensive readers.  We do not wish for the offensive!  Contrary to popularity, Meanopause does not discriminate.  Be tall, for sure!  Yes, we let you.   Also be of any genders or other demarcations, including imaginary!

Sure, come back here soon for advice!  Okay, thank you.


Not Heather Aronson, who is lowly staff who cannot speak for the company unless to answering the phone on the Wednesdays.

Also, please do not call on the Wednesdays.

About Heather Aronson

Heather Aronson is a freelance writer and editor. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona way back in the 1980s and has put it to scant use ever since, publishing a few short stories in now-defunct magazines (including American Short Fiction) and storing a handful of novels in now-defunct boxes. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA, in a new house with some of her children, her new husband, and a bunch of old stuff that totally doesn’t go together. Especially the cow creamers.

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