Month: October 2014

  • A New Wife’s Tale

    In relating the story of my tragic third and final choice of dress for my wedding last September, I am reminded of the old saying that, before you take an aphorism to heart, you must first make sure that it is not stupid. For example, let’s examine the saying “Dress for the job you want […]

  • We Are Vain. Luckily, We Are Also Blind.

      (With apologies to the Talking Heads.) (And to the estate of Phyllis Diller.) (And to anyone who has to read this.)   I can’t see until I put my face smack Up to the mirror, where I discover— ACK! Not sleeping ‘cause my head’s on fire Has turned me into something freakish and dire.   […]

  • Big (Muskrat) Love

    Folks, I cannot tell you how embarrassed I am to admit this, but it looks like I might not be qualified to give you advice about mid-life marriage after all. Because, as it turns out, I have married the wrong man. Again. I know what you’re thinking (because, like a bug in the headline of […]