Month: November 2013

  • Today, We Buy a Blue Dress!

    Among the many things that bugged me about Pittsburgh when we moved here in 2001 is that it’s nearly impossible to find your way around unless you were born in it.  For instance, the way a Pittsburgher gives directions is to use landmarks that no longer exist (Turn right where the Isaly’s used to be), […]

  • Dress Mid-Life for the Imperfect Finding of your Wedding or Something, cont.

    Part Whatever I can’t help but feel that I’ve let you down.  By now, you’ve probably found yourself a wedding outfit that not only suits, but also fits you; with my luck, it even makes you feel good about yourself. I’m sorry. But listen: in case there’s a ghost of a chance* that you could […]

  • SIDEBAR: Medical Science

    I bought a bottle of coconut aminos today.  I know what you’re thinking (because I scored 32 out of 36 on that “Understanding People’s Emotions” quiz that blazed through my news feed yesterday): you’re thinking: Amigos?  Could she have meant coconut amigos, like in that episode of Friends where flashback Rachel had a lesbian moment […]